Vinaka Fiji Volunteering Experience

If you're a bit of a 'people person', don't mind getting stuck in and want to work alongside Yasawan villagers in helping build a better future for their communities, then this program is your answer.

This program assists in several critical initiatives including improving access to fresh water, resource management, environmental initiatives, sustainable agriculture practices and assisting in the set up of micro enterprises.

How You'll Make A Difference

Volunteers help with this initiative through planning, hands on construction of rainwater collection systems, water capacity management, tracking and education. As a volunteer, you’ll also be helping to construct vegetable gardens, assisting in introducing diversity in crop planting, and building an awareness of the need for crop rotation. It’s all about working towards sustainability.


  • Become part of a village community
  • Assist villages with the means to live sustainably
  • Implement projects to provide villages with fresh drinking water
  • Work alongside local villagers

*Terms and Booking Conditions apply. Visit or your preferred travel agent.

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