Our coconut grading system for resorts

What does 1 & 2 Coconuts mean?

Awesome Adventures Fiji identifies two different levels of accommodation with our own local grading system: 1, and 2 coconuts. Kind of like 3, 4 or 5 star resort ratings, but a bit more 'Fijian'.

1 Coconut: Keepin' it real - Dorms and bures. Who needs luxury when you're in paradise!? If you need a hairdryer, hot water or air-conditioning these are not for you. But if you're big on beaches and beautiful islands, then the location of these typically basic resorts certainly gets the big tick! Bring your own towel, soap and other necessities. All these resorts are run by Yasawan Fijians who love hosting you and sharing their lives with you. Meals are included in the price.

2 Coconut: A few more frills - Dorms and bures. The 2 coconut resorts are more modern properties with a strong Fijian flavour. They have a higher standard of accommodation and amenities than 1 coconut. Rooms have fans or air-conditioning and there is more variety of meals. As with the 1 coconut resorts, you'll feel welcome and immersed in the Fijian 'family'.

Note: The resorts are not owned by Awesome Adventures Fiji and standards vary from property to property. We do monitor the resorts and have our staff visiting regularly to ensure everything is as it should be.