How can I travel responsibly?

You'll see for yourself that Fiji's natural environment is something special and we need to ensure that it is looked after for future generations. Below the sea lives delicate eco-systems of corals and reef fish and above the sea are pristine beaches and forests. Let's keep it that way!

Here are some tips to help you travel responsibly:

  • Take only photos, leave only footprints. Yes, the shells are lovely, but they could also be a future home for little sea creatures. Some flowers and plants are protected and everything should stay in its natural environment. The only thing you should take away with you is your rubbish. Never leave it on the beach!
  • Don't rush to flush and take short showers - fresh water is precious everywhere, especially on the islands.
  • Never touch coral and when snorkelling or diving please take all precautions to NEVER STAND ON THE CORAL, regardless of whether you are wearing flippers or not. Doing this will break, damage and even kill the coral.
  • Try not to disturb marine life and never touch it - it has never been exposed to human bacteria and touching them could make them sick.
  • With many of our packages we offer swimming with manta rays. Don't be tempted to touch them. While these gentle giants are not going to harm you, you can damage their delicate mucus membrane by touching them, which can lead to them getting infections.