We first visited the remote Yasawa Islands as travellers ourselves aboard longboats in the 1990s. The journey into the islands on these small and simple boats was, let's just say, adventurous to the extreme.


The isolated, untouched beauty of the land and the warmth of the people drew us back to this wonderful South Pacific region time and again and encouraged the start of Awesome Adventures Fiji. We worked closely with local village chiefs and villagers, enabling us to take our maiden passenger voyage into the Yasawas in 2002, opening the islands to travellers from around the globe with our daily ferry service.

How we travel

We offer a range of packages exploring the islands along many different paths. It's over to you how you travel - choose non-stop adventure or ultimate relaxation. Or if you're a bit of an explorer, Build Your Own Adventure and travel the islands at your own pace. Whatever you choose, you can island hop, dive with sharks and manta rays, hike to summits, kayak, snorkel, visit sacred caves, try kava and socialise with the locals! Or, simply slip into 'Fiji time' and do nothing but chill out. That's our style. That's how we travel.

Awesome staff

Fijians are among the world's friendliest people and our staff are no exception. The majority of our staff are Fijian and wherever you go, you'll be greeted with a large smile and friendly 'Bula!' We are all trained in our areas of work and adhere to strict safety requirements on board our vessels. We always have our travellers' enjoyment at heart.

We care for the local Fijians

We have a strong relationship with the people of the Yasawa Islands. We know how lucky we are to be welcomed into their amazing islands and so to give back where we can, we created the Yasawa Trust Foundation in 2010 which operates under the name Vinaka Fiji. The idea is to give something back to the villagers and to say "thank you (vinaka), for welcoming us into your islands".

Today we continue as major sponsors of Vinaka Fiji Volunteering, donating FJD$10 for every booking of four nights or more. Vinaka Fiji runs three successful volunteering programmes in the Yasawa Islands focusing on improving the basic needs missing from village life in the areas of water, power, education and healthcare as well as marine conservation and research.

We care for the environment

Dramatic and colourful coral reefs have made the Yasawa Islands their home for thousands of years. These unique environments play host to a vast collection of fascinating and striking marine creatures. Exploring this world is a highlight of any Yasawa Islands holiday and we want to make sure that it's preserved for future generations to enjoy. Find out more about our marine conservation efforts.