Fuel Surcharge Fuel Surcharge applicable for travel


South Sea Cruises currently has a fuel surcharge to take effect for customers travelling with us on a resort transfer as well as applicable day trips.

The retail price of diesel fuel in Fiji as of the 1st January 2024 is now $2.61 (VIP) per litre. Whilst this is a slight decrease on the pricing experienced in November & December 2023, diesel prices remain higher than budgeted and cannot be absorbed. South Sea Cruises therefore continues to reserve the right to implement a fuel surcharge as and when fuel prices increase beyond budgeted levels.

South Sea Cruises also notes that since setting the 2023/24 transfer rates, the Fiji Government has removed the 10c per litre duty concession which South Sea Cruises had factored into our rates at the time of issue and has now had to absorb.

The applicable fuel surcharges in effect for travel as of Friday, 1st December 2023 are as follows:

  • Awesome Adventures Fiji Package or Pass customers - $15 per person.
  • Resort Transfer only customers travelling to/from all Yasawa Island Resorts (including Vomo) - $15 per adult / $7.50 per child (2-15 years only) for each one-way sector.

Customers travelling with us from Port Denarau will be asked to pay the applicable fuel surcharge for all future sectors booked whilst at check-in and prior to boarding pass(es) being issued. Customers who are only travelling with us inbound from their island resort will be asked to pay the fuel surcharge upon boarding our vessels and before they return to Port Denarau. Customers can choose to pay the fuel surcharge via cash, an international debit card, or a credit card, noting that international cards do attract a 2.5% - 3% admin fee.

South Sea Cruises would like to thank those affected for their understanding of our need to recover the increased fuel costs. We also ask that our Terms & Conditions be noted as follows:

South Sea Cruises reserves the right to alter prices, apply a fuel surcharge, cancel departures, arrange alternative transport, and vary itineraries and services if necessary.”

Lastly, the price of fuel in Fiji is set by the Fijian Competition & Consumer Commission (FCCC) and is only amended on the first day of each month. The current price of diesel fuel in Fiji is often 1-2 months behind oil prices on these markets and hence cannot be compared with countries that adjust their fuel prices on an almost daily basis.

South Sea Cruises remains committed to reviewing the fuel surcharge each month and will do so again in early February 2024. Until such time that review takes place and is communicated, the surcharges within this notice remain applicable.

All fuel surcharges stated are in FJD and include applicable taxes.