Get the adrenaline pumping

Our shark snorkel experience takes place a short boat ride from the white sandy beaches of Kuata and Waya Lailai Islands. The reef is a spectacular site from above and below the water with an abundance of colourful fish and beautiful corals that call this reef home.

This outer reef is also home to some friendly reef sharks. Jump in and snorkel with them. It gets the adrenalin pumping, but they eat fish not people so there is no need to worry! Your local guides hand-feed the sharks creating awesome underwater photo opportunities.  

Booking a Package?

This activity is included when you book one of the following packages: Ultimate EncounterShort & SharkIsland AdventureCoconut CruiserYasawa Wanderer or Fiji Explorer

Shark Snorkelling Information

Is it safe?
Yes! You’ll be provided with safety instructions from our experienced guides who’ve spent hundreds of hours getting to know the resident school of sharks. Guides will be in the water with you the entire time and will closely monitor the shark's behaviour to ensure your safety.

What type of sharks will I see?
There are two main species of sharks encountered, White Tip Reef Sharks and Black Tip Reef Sharks, both are common in the tropical warm waters of the South Pacific. They can grow to a length of up to 1.8 metres although under the water they appear 25% larger due to a snorkelling face mask's optical illusion. Whitetips are the dominant species and are inquisitive sharks not frightened to check you out while Blacktips are by contrast timid and will shy away if they feel threatened.

How many sharks will I see?
Numbers vary but it is common to see multiple sharks. As sharks are wild animals, we cannot guarantee sightings, however, we have a 95%+ success rate of seeing them. 

How deep is the water?
Both Blacktip and Whitetip Reef Sharks prefer shallower waters making snorkelling easy with good visibility. It’s even possible to see the sharks from our boat before entering the water. Water depth varies between 4 - 6 metres depending on the tide.

What if I’m not a good swimmer, haven’t snorkelled before or don’t want to snorkel but my travelling companion does?
Buoyancy aids are available for less confident swimmers and because these sharks prefer shallow waters there’s no necessity to dive under the water to secure a thrilling view. Non-snorkellers can join the day but sit out the snorkelling experience by booking the Barefoot Kuata Day Cruise.

Note: Some activities are available only at certain resorts so where you stay determines the activities that you can do. In some cases beyond our control, an activity may not be available - we will offer an alternative and equally great activity